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10 Questions with Chris Wascha, Pocketnest CTO

Updated: May 6, 2022

Chris Wascha joins Pocketnest as the fintech startup’s chief technology officer

Chris Wascha working at Pocketnest with Apple AirPods and Macbook

Say “hi” to our new pal, Chris! 👋 

Believe it or not, we scooped Chris from his nine-year tenure at Gas Station TV (GSTV), where he served as CTO (if you’ve seen a TV while pumping gas… yeah, that’s them.).

He’s been in the tech industry for more than 20 years and has worked for companies ranging from Borders Group to Accenture. 

As CTO of Pocketnest, Wascha will oversee all technical aspects of the company, from product development to operations. But, who is Chris Wascha?!

Chris was kind enough to humor us and share some fun, fast facts. Just because, you know, we’re all friends here. Right?! 

So, here goes….

Q: The zombie apocalypse is coming. Who are the TWO people you want on your team? 

A: My wonderful wife, should be obvious, and “The Rock”, also self explanatory

Q: What’s the last emoji you used?

A: 🤘

Q: What is your earliest memory with a computer? 

A: I remember one Christmas opening what I thought was an Apple computer (Apple IIe for those that go back that far).  Then my sister opened what I thought was a bigger Apple computer. I was furious that my sister got a “bigger” computer than me.  Turns out, I had opened the Apple printer to go along with the computer. From an early age, computing power was important to me!

Q: What’s the first line of code you ever wrote? 

A: I got an IBM 386 with a 40MB hard drive and I was super pumped.  I had watched my uncle type in some commands on the DOS prompt and could not wait to replicate.  I plugged in my brand new hardware and immediately typed in what I could remember. I had no idea what it did, but I can recall the anticipation.  I was quickly prompted for confirmation, oh this is going to be great, yes I confirm. The command I typed from the root directory…..del *.* (deleted the entire 40 MB hard drive)

Q: If you had an entrance song for each time you walked into a room, what would it be?

A: I do and it is AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

A: Never ask for something you are not willing to do yourself

Q: If you had to delete all but THREE apps on your phone, what would they be? (Ahem, I think we know one of them….)

A: Pocketnest - Knowing my financial situation is critical to my life.  I have used many apps to pull together what Pocketnest does in one place and better.  

Google Maps - Let’s just say I am directionally challenged

Outlook - Unfortunately, I am addicted to email

Q: What’s your go-to “two truths and a lie” line?

A: I have run with the bulls in Spain

I have scuba dived with great white sharks in South Africa

I am an Amateur cliff diver

Q: What’s the most embarrassing fashion trend you rocked? 

A: Oh my goodness, in middle school, I begged my Mom to buy me a pair of “Skidz” pants.  Think MC Hammer. I wore those things until they had holes in them.  

Q: How long would you last without your phone?

A: I am confident I can go at least 30 minutes without my phone.  It’s not really that important.

Learn more about our new pal, Chris, and help us welcome him to the Pocketnest DREAM TEAM! 👊

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