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Google Accelerator Accepts Pocketnest into 2021 Cohort

Pocketnest accepted into Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders class of 2021

Google for Startups Women Founders Accelerator Fall 2021 Cohort, featuring Jessica Willis, Pocketnest

Google for Startups today announces its Fall 2021 cohort—and Pocketnest made the cut!

About the accelerator

The tech giant launched its inaugural Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders program in 2020, "in order to address gender disparity in the startup ecosystem and provide high-quality mentorship opportunities and support for women founders. Studies showed that only 16% of small and medium sized businesses were owned by women, and that women often lack access to venture capitalist funding and accelerator programs to help launch and scale up their businesses."

Pocketnest, alongside the other 11 participating startups, will receive deep mentorship on technical challenges and machine learning, as well as connections to relevant teams across Google. We'll also receive nontechnical programming to help address some of the unique barriers women founders face in the startup ecosystem.

The 10-week intensive virtual program kicks off on September 27. It will bring the best of Google's programs, products, people and technology to help Pocketnest reach its goals.

Meet the cohort

Jessica Willis, CEO and founder of Pocketnest joins 11 other bright females in the Google For Startups Accelerator: Women Founders class of 2021! Her cohort includes:

  • Aquacycl (Escondido, California): Aquacycl makes energy-neutral wastewater treatment a reality, offering modular on-site systems to treat high-strength organic waste streams. The BioElectrochemical Treatment Technology (BETT) is the first commercially viable microbial fuel cell, which generates direct electricity from wastewater, treating untreatable streams and reducing wastewater management costs by 20-60%.

  • Braze Mobility (Toronto, Ontario): Braze Mobility provides affordable navigation solutions for wheelchair users. It developed the world's first blind spot sensor system that can be attached to any wheelchair, transforming it into a smart wheelchair that automatically detects obstacles and provides alerts to the user through intuitive lights, sounds, and vibrations.

  • Claira (Grand Rapids, Michigan): Claira is a competency analytics engine that helps organizations understand their people and hire better.

  • ImagoAI (Saint Paul, Minnesota): ImagoAI’s proprietary AI solution does real-time food safety and quality testing at food manufacturing facilities and on the farms. Its solutions help companies reduce production line hold times by more than 90%, delivering consistent quality products, and reduce waste by early inspection.

  • Journey Foods (Austin, Texas): Journey Foods solves food science and supply chain inefficiencies with software in order to help companies feed 8 billion people better. They build enterprise technology that improves product management, ingredient intelligence, and manufacturing insights for CPG companies, grocery stores, suppliers, and manufacturers.

  • Nyquist Data (Palo Alto, California): Nyquist Data helps companies around the world access critical data and insights, which maximizes efficiency, resources, and results for innovation.

  • Paperstack (Toronto, Ontario): Paperstack is an all-in-one platform that helps self-employed individuals with incorporation, bookkeeping, and taxes.

  • Pocketnest (Ann Arbor, Michigan): Pocketnest is a comprehensive financial planning tool targeting genX and millennials. The company licenses its software to financial institutions and employers, helping them connect with a younger audience and grow their business. Based on psychology, behavioral science and coaching, it leads users through all ten themes of personal finances, resulting in actionable items and recommendations customized for each user.

  • SAFETYDOCS Global (Vancouver, British Columbia): SAFETYDOCS Global is a document management solutions platform that streamlines and automates permitting and licensing documentation workflows.

  • Schoolytics (Washington, DC): Schoolytics, the Student Data Platform, enables schools to connect disparate student datasets, including the student information system (SIS), learning management systems (LMS), and assessments, to transform data into meaningful insights and action. Its web-based tool supports data-driven decision making through real-time analytics and reporting.

  • Tengiva (Montreal, Quebec): Tengiva is the first digital platform enabling real-time supply chain in the textile industry by optimizing the typical months-long procurement process into a single-click operation.

  • ThisWay (Austin, Texas): ThisWay matches all people to all jobs, fairly and without bias. The web platform accurately delivers qualified talent, while increasing diversity and inclusion so ROI is optimized.

We can't wait to meet our our Google for Startups Accelerator cohort and community this fall!

Read more about the Google for Startups program.


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