About Us

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I’m Jessica Willis, the founder of Pocketnest.

After two decades in wealth management co-managing $1 billion for more than 300 families, I noticed we gen Xers and millennials have a totally different approach to personal finance. But the majority (a whopping 86 percent!) of financial advisors ignore us.

We want more autonomy, more ownership. We’re not going to pay someone loads of money to do something we’re pretty sure we can figure out on our own. 

But 90% of us lack a critical piece to our financial plans despite the resources available to us. Why?

Most fintech apps only help people save money or track spending. 
Robo advisors don't address comprehensive financial planning, either.
Banks and financial planners come at a cost most of us can't afford.

I believe everyone should have access to a complete financial plan, not just the wealthy and finance nerds.

So, I set out to change the landscape. With a team of super smart partners, we created a way to make financial planning approachable, quick, easy, and even fun. In just 3 minutes a week, you can build and keep track of your own plan. We do this with no investor-speak, monthly fees or in-person meetings. And it’s completely free to users!

With Pocketnest, you can afford more and plan for a better future.

Meet The Team
Registered with the SEC as a Registered Investment Advisor:

Our mission is to demystify financial planning and equip you with the tools you need to manage your own financial plan.

Without anything slipping through the cracks. 

Why Pocketnest

Pocketnest is a Michigan-based fintech company built for people who are...people. Pocketnest is the only comprehensive financial planning resource that has bank-level security without high premiums, no strings attached, promise. And, it's built for those of us who aren't finance wizards. The Pocketnest app puts you in the driver seat of your financial planning through a DIY process and step-by-step guidance through all ten themes of financial planning. We get to know you and create recommendations customized to your unique financial situation.

Want to give it a go?