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How to: Plan Your Finances

Updated: Apr 15

The Pocketnest app for comprehensive financial wellness is available for download

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So, you’ve downloaded Pocketnest. You’re feeling good, knowing that you’ll be able to create your own personal financial plan in just 10 minutes a month.

Now what!?!

First thing’s first. Log on to Pocketnest.

Next, answer a few questions about your financial sitch. (PS: our app has bank-level security with 326-bit encryption. Your data is completely safe with us.)

From there, we’ll walk you through each step of your plan. We’ll give you to-dos along the way, helping you fill any of the plan gaps we help you uncover. And, based on the data you share with us, our recommendations will be 100 percent tailored to you and your needs.

We’re here for you. And we know you can master your own personal financial plan. #YouGotThis


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