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Pocketnest Appearance at Filene Roadshow

Pocketnest participates in panel about reaching millennials with innovation

Pocketnest participates in panel about reaching millennials with innovation

Panel Discussion: Innovation and Tech

Filene Research Institute invited Pocketnest CEO and founder, Jessica Willis, to participate in its “Filene Roadshow” panel discussion alongside other industry experts. They focused on the ever-so-hot topic: How can financial institutions use innovation and tech to reach the next generation of consumers?

Pocketnest, among other leading Fintechs, shared ideas, insights, and case studies about mining for and using consumer data to help them reach financial wellness, while also boosting financial institutions’ ROI, deposits, and non-interest income. The thesis of the conversation? Financial institutions can use data to understand and prioritize consumers’ needs—from retirement planning to debt elimination and beyond—to increase financial wellness while stacking the many business benefits.

Pocketnest Insights

Willis shared perspective and expertise on:

📈 Driving non-interest income

🏦 Millennial financial patterns

💰 How credit unions can easily leverage fintech

🔀 Identifying gaps in members' financial plans as cross-sell opportunities

Regardless of the type of firm—a bank, credit union, wealth management firm, etc.—, Willis knows financial institutions are working tirelessly to determine how to improve their digital strategy. (Psst, we have some tips on how to do that. Watch this free webinar or download this ebook.)

We help financial institutions leverage tech to transform their financial institutions into living, breathing deposit-making, revenue-generating, member-and-customer-serving machines.

The Power of Data

Do your members need to open a savings account? Do they need to refinance their mortgage? Are they interested in updating their home and auto insurance? Before Pocketnest, financial institutions like yours would have to spend countless hours on lead generation and qualification. Endless cold calls, emails, voicemails, and texts with little return.

Pocketnest delivers these key insights—and more—straight to financial institutions’ CMS, inbox, data lake—you name it.

With deeper insights into their communities' personal finances, our financial institution clients are able to offer their customers personalized product solutions that are much more relevant, timely, and accepted. And, in turn, improve member and customer retention, and increase their cross-selling opportunities.

Use Pocketnest’s digital strategy tips and millennial magic to reach millennials. We know what makes the nextgen tick, what banking innovation and tech they crave, and what they want—no, need!—from you. (Peep the infographic.)

Hosted by Filene's Liesa Servon and Joel Hartzler, with panelists included:

  • Jessica Willis, CEO and founder, Pocketnest

  • Gautam Ajjarapu, Co-Founder/CEO, Glide

  • Cimarron Buser, Advisor, Conductiv

  • Nick Coleman, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

  • Nate Wentzlaff, Sr. Director of Product Management, Trellance


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