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Pocketnest Featured in Filene Panel

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

CEO Jessica Willis Shines on the i2 Entrepreneurial Leader Panel

Pocketnest Featured on Filene i2 Entrepreneurial Leader Panel

Filene invited Jessica Willis, Pocketnest founder and CEO, to participate in its panel i2 entrepreneurial leadership panel. This event was a significant gathering of innovation-focused CU professionals, and it provided a unique opportunity to delve into the entrepreneurial mindset of Jessica Willis and other individuals who have made their mark within the credit union system.

About the i2 Entrepreneurial Leader Panel

i2 is a dynamic group of CU professionals with a shared passion for innovation. They convene once per quarter to exchange ideas, collaborate, and explore the ever-evolving landscape of credit unions. The panelists got together to share their insights and expertise about innovation technology.

Panel Objective

The i2 Entrepreneurial Leader Panel was convened with a clear mission in mind: to provide a platform for CEOs of businesses that began within the credit union system to share their entrepreneurial journey. The focal point of this event was understanding how these visionaries identified pressing problems within CUs and, most importantly, how they translated their insights into actionable solutions.

A Visionary Entrepreneur in the World of Financial Wellness

As one of the participants in the i2 Entrepreneurial Leader Panel, Willis shared her journey from an idea to a thriving business within the financial wellness space. Her participation in the panel gave attendees invaluable insights into her entrepreneurial mindset and how Pocketnest can boost financial institutions’ digital strategy, operations, and user experience.

During the panel discussion, Jessica shared some key takeaways from her journey:

  • Identifying the Problem: Jessica's journey began with a keen eye for recognizing the challenges and problems facing credit unions and other financial institutions. She emphasized the importance of actively listening to the needs and pain points of CU members and employees.

  • Innovative Solutions: What sets the Pocketnest team apart is their ability to transform insights into actionable solutions. Willis emphasized the need for creative problem-solving, innovation, and a deep understanding of the CU landscape.

  • Collaboration is Key: Willis underscored the importance of collaboration and partnerships within the CU system. She highlighted how working together with like-minded professionals can amplify the impact of innovative solutions.

  • The Power of Persistence: Entrepreneurship within the CU system is not without its challenges. Jessica shared her experiences and how persistence, determination, and adaptability played a vital role in her building the foundation that has become Pocketnest.


The i2 Entrepreneurial Leader Panel served as a beacon of inspiration for those looking to make a significant impact within the credit union system. Jessica Willis's insights and the collective wisdom of the panelists showcased the potential for innovation and entrepreneurship in this ever-evolving industry.


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