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Pocketnest: Red Herring's Top 100 Finalist for 2020

Updated: May 6, 2022

Red Herring names Pocketnest one of its Top 100 North American Finalists

Pocketnest earns industry accolades
Red Herring North American Finalist logo

Red Herring, a global media company uniting the world’s best high technology innovators, venture investors and business decision makers, named Pocketnest one of its Top 100 North American Finalists for its 2020 contest—one of the industry’s more prestigious recognitions.

For nearly 25 years, The Red Herring Top 100 recognizes the most exciting startups in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Pocketnest earned a finalist position as one of the top 100 North American finalists and was selected from hundreds of companies from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Red Herring uncovers and advocates for the most promising private ventures from around the world. The Red Herring award will help Pocketnest earn awareness among global technology industry executives, investors, and strategists.

Pocketnest endured a rigorous 3-step process that reviews all aspects of the company and more than 20 criteria to analyze the companies. Criteria for the selection included:

  • Level of specialty

  • IP in the solution created through internal R&D

  • Social contribution

  • Disruptiveness of the solution in its respective markets

  • Venture investment

  • Market maturity

  • International footprint (including international employees)

  • Revenues and the company’s overall globalization

  • Startup growth stage

  • Growth rate

  • Industry awards and recognitions

  • Market size

  • Execution index

  • Technological advantage

  • Number of customers and users

  • Regional considerations

  • Branding

  • CEO/Team experience and track record

  • Team quality and experience

After having been validated and graded, Pocketnest made The Red Herring's short-list, representing the most qualified companies. As such, Pocketnest has been invited to be part of the final phase of the award process, a live presentation at our regional Top 100 event.

Pocketnest has been examined by four judges before the conference, and will present to two additional judges at the event, to verify the fintech company's quality, business model, entrepreneurial vision.

Learn more about Red Herring.

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