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Univ. of Michigan Tech Podcast Features Pocketnest

Product designer Erwin Kim leads tech talk on U of M Ross School of Business's podcast 

Head of Product & Design at Pocketnest

Top business schools like the University of Michigan Ross School of Business aim to prepare today's students to be tomorrow's business leaders. 

A key way to do that? Exposure to today's business leaders. 

The University of Michigan Ross School of Business reached out to Pocketnest product designer Erwin Kim to learn what it takes to design and develop game-changing technology like the Pocketnest financial wellness app.

Dive into the latest Michigan Ross Business+Tech podcast episode, "Business+Tech Pm Series – Pm With Iris Yuning Ye | Ep 9: A Winding Road To Product," for a peek into daily life on the Pocketnest product team.


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