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We're financial wellness experts

We know personal finance like the back of our hands. And, we know millennials and Gen-Xers pretty darn well—because we ARE them! We know what makes the nextgen tick, what banking innovation they crave, and the personal finance gaps they have. 


Pocketnest is a white-label financial wellness platform that coaches millennials and Gen-Xers to financial wellness. It brings financial institutions rich data and insights to identify cross-sell opportunities, and helps employee wellness programs boost recruitment, retention and productivity.

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Our Story

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Nextgen Mavens

We use behavioral​ science and psychology to deeply understand millennials and Gen X.

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We seamlessly integrate

with banks, advisors and credit unions.

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We make your relationship with your users stronger.

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Wellness Coaches

We coach your users to achieve financial wellness.

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I’m Jessica Willis, the founder of Pocketnest.

After two decades in wealth management co-managing $1 billion for more than 300 families, I noticed we gen Xers and millennials have a totally different approach to personal finance. But the majority (86 percent!) of financial advisors ignore us.

We want more autonomy, more ownership. We’re not going to pay someone loads of money to do something we’re pretty sure we can figure out on our own. 

But 90% of us lack a critical piece to our financial plans despite the resources available to us.

So I set out on a mission to bring financial wellness to the masses, partnering with financial institutions and employee wellness programs along the way. Cue Pocketnest.

I created Pocketnest to bring financial wellness to the masses, while giving financial institutions a shot at the next generation of consumers. By partnering with financial institutions and employee wellness programs, we coach their communities to financial wellness while helping their businesses thrive. We help financial institutions identify cross-sell opportunities to grow revenue and help employee wellness programs boost their employee recruitment, retention, and productivity. 


Sure, fintech's a crowded space. But Pocketnest does four things no one else can: 

Combine the value of humans + tech to scale. We help institutions scale, allowing them to get to more meaningful conversations faster. 

Connect tactical concepts with psychological nudges to motivate users. Using psychographic data and behavioral science, we get to know users—what makes them tick, motivates them, gets them to complete financial tasks. Using AI, Pocketnest speaks to users in a way they’ll respond, with soft nudges and personalized tasks. 


Offer friendly, gamified and effective approach + key insights for institutions. As we coach users through financial wellness, we gather key insights about their financial needs. Users check off tasks, while we queue them up for better, more timely and relevant service from their financial institutions. Users love the enhanced experience, while institutions love the increased cross-sell opportunities and deeper client relationships. 


Cover 10 themes of financial wellness in just 3 minutes a week. Users can create—and stick to—a comprehensive financial plan with personalized tips and recommendations, all based on Certified Financial Planning curricula.





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Let's make personal finance better together.

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Our Team

Registered with the SEC as a Registered Investment Advisor:
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Let's make personal finance better together.

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