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Pocketnest Named Winner of Detroit Fintech Challenge

Updated: May 6, 2022

Jessica Willis, Pocketnest CEO and founder, accepts second place prize at Detroit Fintech Challenge

Detroit Fintech Challenge logo

In spring 2018, we entered the Detroit Fintech Challenge with the hopes of meeting some movers and shakers in the Detroit scene, soak up some knowledge from the impressive roster of competitors, and sharpen our startup chops. We certainly didn’t expect to WIN second place.

The Detroit Fintech Challenge brings together key players in early-stage startups to solve the biggest challenges and major concerns in the financial, payments, banking, and insurance sectors.

Jessica noticed the personal finance model is broken. She found that 90 percent of people are missing at least one critical element in their financial plan, and instead of helping this massive group of people, the vast majority of financial advisors ignore them.

Fueled with her passion for personal finance and her belief that everyone deserves a financial plan, Jessica entered her startup, Pocketnest, into the competition.

And a few short weeks later, she won. Jessica was named a second place winner of the Detroit Fintech Challenge.

Read more about the challenge.

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