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New Product Dude on the Block!

Pocketnest welcomes Erwin Kim, product designer, to the fintech's full-time team

Pocketnest welcomes Erwin Kim, product designer, to its full-time roster.

A Bay Area expat, where he worked with the likes of Fitbit and Truepill, Erwin honed his diverse and wide-ranging skills over 7+ years, building products for manufacturing analytics, healthcare, supply chain/reverse logistics, autonomous vehicles, and more.

Pocketnest scooped Erwin from his latest gig as Director of Product at a pre-seed fintech startup based out of Portland, ME. Pop into the platform to see Erwin's handiwork-in-progress!

When not working, or thinking about working, Erwin enjoys cooking unnecessarily decadent meals for his friends. (We plan on taking him up on that offer! 🍝😋)

Say hi to Erwin! 👋


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