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Pocketnest Founder Named Woman on the Rise

Updated: May 6, 2022

Mother Honestly names Jessica Willis a top female to watch

Mother Honestly cover of Jessica Willis, Woman on the Rise profile

Mother Honestly, an online community and offline conference for the modern ambitious mom, named Pocketnest™ founder Jessica Willis a Woman on the Rise.

Let’s be real: Mother Honestly gets us. Their fresh take on motherhood—and simply being a woman—inspires and empowers all women to lead bigger, better and deeper lives. And we love that.

Mother Honestly supports and celebrates women as they rise to high places, using their voice and influence in their personal and professional lives while demanding change within their community.

And we’re humbled and honored that they recognized Jessica for doing just that.

Jessica noticed that gen Xers and millennials not only have a totally different approach to personal finance, but that they’re being ignored by the finance industry! Not to mention, 90 percent of gen xers and millennials are missing at least one critical piece of their financial plan. Now that’s a problem!

Jessica believes everyone should have access to a complete financial plan. Not just the wealthy and finance nerds. So, she set out to change the landscape. With a team of super smart partners, she created a way to make financial planning approachable, quick, easy, and even fun. But most of all, she’s paving the way so everyone can have access to financial freedom.

This Spring, Mother Honestly is celebrating the accomplishments of women, including our very own Jessica Willis, who are creating meaningful change in our society, environment and future generations to come.

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