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Pocketnest Named Top Startup

Updated: May 6, 2022 names Pocketnest a top startup to watch in 2021, on the heels of naming Pocketnest CEO a top founder

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The below article was originally posted on titled, "Top Detroit Startups to Watch in 2021." also named Jessica Willis, Pocketnest founder and CEO, a top founder to watch in 2021.

It's a myth that only the top startups and the best startup jobs are in Silicon Valley or New York City. As a Midwest company built for Midwest startups, we know that’s just not true.

In 2020, Glassdoor came out with a list of the top 25 U.S. Cities for jobs. And guess what—most of the cities on the list, were in the Midwest. Detroit ranked #10. Then LinkedIn came out with their list of the top cities to launch your career in. Detroit ranked #8—again, that's out of the whole country.

In the last decade, Detroit has seen a huge growth in tech employment. That, plus the growing number of startups, affordable cost of living, and vibrant community, make it a great place to live and work.

So what are the companies that are putting Detroit on the tech hub map? Check out the top Detroit startups and tech companies to watch in 2021.


Budgeting is always hard, especially during economic downturn. But Pocketnest is trying to make it easier. The Detroit fintech startup uses behavioral science and psychology to coach users, primarily Millennials and Gen Xers, to achieve financial wellness. Jessica Willis, the CEO and founder of Pocketnest (and also a top female founder in the Midwest) noticed that the next generation does business differently, and most financial institutions leave them out. But not Pocketnest. They're building a team and the technology that’s helping more and more people achieve financial wellness. If you want to check out some of Jessica’s excellent budgeting tips, click here.

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