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Pocketnest Launches Tool for Independent Practices

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Fintech app expands to smaller, independent clients at 42 percent growth rate

Pocketnest launches new platform for smaller, independent clients at 42 percent growth rate

DETROIT—Pocketnest, the female-founded financial wellness platform, announces its latest product rollout—Pocketnest for Independent Practices—aimed at independent wealth advisors, CPAs, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, and more.

The latest product addition brings three new practices to the Pocketnest roster, with 44 total enterprise customers, marking 42 percent enterprise customer growth since Summer 2022 and 10 percent average monthly growth since launch.

Identifying an average of $575 million in cross-sell revenue for financial institutions, Pocketnest unleashes its financial wellness tool to all independent practices nationwide to grow its footprint and offer smaller practices lead-generating tech that can bring their communities financial wellness.

“We’ve brought more than 10,000 people financial wellness while identifying millions of dollars in cross-sell revenue opportunities for our financial institution clients—and we know we have more to offer the world, “ said Jessica Willis, founder and CEO, Pocketnest. “Independent practices are the perfect opportunity to help independent advisers grow and scale their practices while giving us a wider reach to bring financial wellness to the masses.”

A recent EY survey reports that 51 percent of Gen Z and 49 percent of millennials named fintech their most-trusted brand, compared to 12 percent of all consumers who say a wealth management firm is their most-trusted financial services brand. Pocketnest can bridge the gap between financial institutions and the communities they aim to serve.

“I built my advisory practice with women-led households in mind and I see Pocketnest as the perfect partner to help bring to life my mission of helping women and their families build wealth and enjoy their lives confidently,” said Michelle Gordon, founder and CEO, Investably. “Pocketnest’s ability to identify people experiencing life transitions will also help Investably thrive and scale to deliver timely service to even more people.”

Pocketnest continues to license its white-labeled fintech software to financial institutions—big and small—to generate qualified leads and boost cross-sell opportunities; it also licenses to employee wellness programs to help employers amplify recruitment, productivity, and retention. Built on behavioral science and psychology, Pocketnest coaches users through 10 themes of financial wellness. Its gamified, almost-addictive approach draws users into the app to keep their financial plan up to date—in three minutes a week.


Pocketnest, Inc.™ is a Google-accelerated financial wellness app that coaches users through 10 themes of financial wellness. The platform helps users identify and fill gaps in their plans, while identifying cross-sell opportunities for the financial institutions they license to like banks, credit unions, investment advisors, 401k plan sponsors; and employee wellness programs. Launched in 2019, the fintech is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative startups.


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