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Pocketnest Woos Gen Z to Financial Planning

Fintech partners with nationwide collegiate alumni credit union, AlumniFi

Fintech partners with nationwide collegiate alumni credit union, AlumniFi

DETROIT—Pocketnest, the female-founded financial wellness platform, today announces AlumniFi Credit Union as its partner in wooing the young-adult generation into financial planning with its intuitive mobile app and quirky approach to financial education.

“The transition from student to graduate is one of the biggest in an individual's life. The change in how they need to manage their finances is real, and many may be doing it for the first time on their own,” said April M. Clobes, president and CEO, AlumniFi. “AlumniFi can support them in that journey with accessible products, resources, and trusted partners like Pocketnest who provide approachable financial education for total financial wellness.”

Built on behavioral science and psychology, Pocketnest coaches users through 10 themes of financial wellness, from setting a budget to planning for the future with investments, savings, and debt elimination planning. Using AlumniFi and Pocketnest, recent graduates can tackle their financial plans—possibly for the first time in their lives—in just three minutes a week.

“Helping young people ease their way into financial maturity with a strong and approachable foundation is core to our belief of bringing financial wellness to the masses,” said Jessica Willis, founder and CEO, Pocketnest. “If we can lessen the burden and remove the stigma of ‘financial planning’ for recent graduates, we can set them up for a lifetime of financial wellness.”

Pocketnest has deep roots in supporting young-adult and college-aged financial wellness, increasing participating MSU Federal Credit Union members’ financial wellness by more than 58 percent and Oakland University Credit Union members’ by more than 56 percent.

AlumniFi is now available to a growing number of nationwide college alumni.

To date, Pocketnest has 40 enterprise partners, including Community Financial Credit Union, Service Credit Union, and 4Front Credit Union, and innovation projects with BECU and Wells Fargo. Pocketnest licenses and white-labels its platform to financial institutions to generate qualified leads and boost cross-sell opportunities. The fintech also licenses its platform to employee wellness programs to help employers boost recruitment, productivity, and retention efforts.


Pocketnest, Inc.™ is a Google-accelerated financial wellness app that coaches users through 10 themes of financial wellness. The platform helps users identify and fill gaps in their plans, while identifying cross-sell opportunities for the financial institutions they license to like banks, credit unions, investment advisors, 401k plan sponsors; and employee wellness programs. Launched in 2019, the fintech has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative startups.


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