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Pocketnest Named Top Startup in New Book Series

Updated: Apr 29

Fintech’s “success story” featured as Top 100 startup in INNOVATE publishing series

Pocketnest is doing big things. And, unsurprisingly, caught the interest of INNOVATE publishers.

On the heels of earning top accolades in The Fast Company Innovation by Design Award for its human-centered design to help people manage their money, Pocketnest also launched an AI-centered project to make the burdensome task of financial planning even easier, approachable, and accessible to the masses. The fintech is also proven to help financial institutions increase nextgen engagement and identify millions is cross-sell revenue.

Introducing INNOVATE publishers to the scene 

INNOVATE is a publishing series whose mission is to “showcase and connect the top 100 innovation success stories from the most exciting cities around the world.” 

The publishing folks reached out to Pocketnest to feature the fintech in its 350-page in-depth study and AR video series “showcasing the people, companies, products, and services that are leading the race within a city’s innovation ecosystem.” 

Given our latest successes—including being featured in a prominent financial research institution’s case study, earning top accolades in The Fast Company Innovation by Design Award, making the Corporate Insight’s short-list alongside other top financial brands including Fideltiy, Empower, and Merrill, and more—we piqued the publishers’ interest. 

What makes Pocketnest so innovative?

Pocketnest, the fintech mobile app coaching people through 10 themes of financial wellness (in just 3 min/week), solves the age-old problem of access to financial wellness being reserved for the wealthy and makes it accessible to the masses.

Pocketnest is a mission-driven, certified women-owned business that licenses and white-labels its software to financial institutions (FIs) + employee wellness programs, helping them engage with younger audiences. The platform identifies ~$1.2B in revenue opportunities for FIs by uncovering and matching gaps in users’ financial plans with FI's corresponding services.

Featured in Innovations of the World

Innovations of the World highlights Pocketnest’s role in shaping the future of financial wellness.

Built on behavioral science, psychology, and Certified Financial Planning curricula, Pocketnest coaches users through all 10 themes of financial wellness: assembling a net worth snapshot, budget, debt, insurance, retirement, investments, income tax planning, estate planning, college savings plans, annual review. Pocketnest helps users set meaningful goals, understand the psychological reasoning behind each goal, and map a pathway to achieve them—in 3 min/week.

As we coach users through financial wellness, we use psychological nudges and personalized tasks to motivate them, while gathering key insights about their financial needs and matching them with their FI's services. 

Pocketnest helps FIs reach more people, educate and qualify leads faster, and boost cross-sell opportunities—all while helping their community achieve financial wellness. We help employers boost recruitment, productivity, and retention efforts while bringing their employees better benefits. 

Empowering Independent Practices

Pocketnest is also making waves with wealth managers. With its latest focus, a dedicated tool for independent practices, Pocketnest empowers financial professionals to serve their clients better and help advisors: 

  • Attract the next-gen to their practice 

  • Upsell and cross-sell with purpose

  • Earn lifelong client retention

  • Enhance communication tools

  • Reach thoughtful scalability 

In an era where financial literacy is more crucial than ever, Pocketnest stands out, offering guidance and empowerment to institutions and users alike. Our white-label platform allows financial institutions to create lasting client bonds, attract the next generation of clients, and navigate upselling opportunities seamlessly. Meanwhile, it brings users access to custom advice, comprehensive financial coverage, and a pathway to making informed financial decisions.

Interested in learning more? Let’s Chat! In just 15 minutes, you can see for yourself how Pocketnest empowers you and your clients toward financial security and peace of mind.


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