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Pocketnest Triples Sales Team

Fintech snags two expert tech sales development representatives to explode sales

Pocketnest continues its breakout performance 

Pocketnest, the female-founded financial wellness platform, tallies substantial growth since its last capital raise in 2023, most recently doubling its team size. But the team didn’t cap its growth there, so let us brag for a quick sec.

Since 2023, Pocketnest earned: 

  • +130% increase in users 

  • +300% increase in user engagement 

  • +600% increase in total contract value 

  • +100% increase in product offerings and add-ons

  • +100% increase in team size

Growth begets growth

And in our case, the secondary growth is more cowbell, or as traditionally put, more salespeople. To capitalize on and continue this growth, we’re doubling down where we’re having success. 

Cue Jin Kim, Pocketnest Business Development Director. He’s doubled the fintech’s client roster since his first day on the job in March 2023. So it was a no-brainer to build out his team with two new (expert!) sales development representatives. 

Introducing Pocketnest’s two newest team members 

After loads of applications and countless interviews, two fintech sales experts quickly rose to the top of the heap: Joe Shamoon and Noah Chimpouras. 

Joe Shamoon 

With his decade-long (and counting) sales career, Joe carries in tow deal-snatching and -closing insights and a keen understanding of building meaningful connections with prospects. He’s been closing tech deals for 10 years and brings incredible energy to the Pocketnest sales team. And, 

watch out, because he’s always up for a challenge—whether it’s pumping iron, exploring the great outdoors, or giving the latest TikTok fitness trend a whirl. 

Noah Chimpouras 

We scooped Noah from his latest fintech gig with Acrisure. With three years of fintech sales experience under his belt, Noah’s arsenal of skills includes exceptional conversation skills, resilience, and a knack for connections (we in the biz call it “the gift of gab”—but Noah takes it 10 steps further to not only chat but truly connect with people). When Noah isn’t closing deals, you’ll catch this hockey and football fanatic yelling at the TV—err, “rooting”—for the Detroit Red Wings and Lions or indulging in diverse culinary experiences with friends, family, and his girlfriend.

Reporting to Jin Kim, Business Development Director

With Jin's guidance, Joe and Noah will play a pivotal role in:

  • Identifying potential customers and generating new business opportunities.

  • Contacting and qualifying potential customers to ensure a perfect match between their needs and our solutions.

  • Managing leads through the sales pipeline by setting appointments, following up on leads, and tracking progress toward meeting sales goals.

If 2023 told us anything, it’s to be ready for growth! Our kick-butt sales team is going to take us to the next level. Keep your eye on us…there’s lots more coming!


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