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Renaissance 2023 Startup Hotlist Features Pocketnest

Renaissance Venture Capital recognizes Pocketnest for its exceptional potential and innovation

A Bit About the Startup Hotlist

Pocketnest, the one and only comprehensive financial planning platform, earns a top spot in Renaissance Venture Capital’s prestigious Spring 2023 Startup Hotlist.

Pocketnest seized hundreds of “upvotes” from businesses and Renaissance partners to earn its top ranks alongside ~50 other early-stage companies—and is one of only seven fintechs companies on the list.

This feat is undoubtedly a testament to our exceptional potential and innovation in the financial technology sector.

Empowering DIY'ers and Transforming Financial Planning

Why’d we get on the hotlist? Ask our users!

Pocketnest revolutionizes the world of financial planning. The platform caters to DIY'ers—many of which are your nextgen clients—looking to take control of their finances without a million apps or financial jargon getting in the way.

With user-friendly features and innovative tech integration, Pocketnest empowers your community to make informed decisions about their finances and helps them achieve their financial goals with confidence.

B2B2C / SaaS Model: A Win-Win for Financial Institutions and Employee Wellness Programs

Need more reasons for how we got on the hotlist? Ask our clients!

Pocketnest is at the forefront of business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) financial planning. The fintech enables institutions to better serve their communities by providing them with tools to access financial wellness.

And, in the meantime, the fintech helps institutions’ bottom lines!

Pocketnest Serves Financial Institutions

Pocketnest helps financial institutions grow their bottom line and forge better connections with their communities. Main benefits of working with Pocketnest?

🤑 Grow non-interest revenue

Pocketnest Serves Employee Wellness Programs

Pocketnest provides significant value to employee wellness programs, especially those trying to retain millennials and nurture a positive company culture. Why do employers love working with Pocketnest? The fintech helps them:

Continuing the Journey – A Bright Future Ahead

We continue to provide top-notch tools to help our users—and your community!—achieve financial wellness. Want proof? Peep our latest case study!

Join us as we celebrate this well-deserved place on the Hotlist, and stay tuned for the great things to come!


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