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Wells Fargo Names Pocketnest a Finalist

Fintech is eligible to win up to $250K from global bank’s 2022 Innovation Challenge

Pocketnest named Wells Fargo finalist

DETROIT—Pocketnest, the female-founded financial wellness platform, today announces that it has been selected by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. as one of its 2022 Innovation Challenge finalists.

“We launched our Innovation Challenge to find solutions like Pocketnest that will help make banking easier and safer for our customers and the financial services industry at large,” said Madhu Narasimhan, Wells Fargo’s head of Innovation. “The goal is to collaborate with partners across the fintech ecosystem and leverage one another’s strengths to solve specific customer pain points and push the whole industry forward.”

Pocketnest earned its finalist position in Wells Fargo’s Designing the Multi-X Future: 2022 Innovation Challenge for its promising ability to create a more dynamic environment for Wells Fargo customers. The fintech platform also aligns with the bank’s vision of building more interconnected and approachable banking experiences.

“Showcasing our technology to innovative banks like Wells Fargo helps take our mission to an incredible scale, where we can help millions of people achieve financial wellness through more authentic and valuable connections with their financial institution,” said Jessica Willis, CEO and founder, Pocketnest.

Wells Fargo Innovation Challenge judges selected Pocketnest from more than 100 applicants to create a proof of concept for consideration in the bank’s digital environment, plus a chance to present at the Wells Fargo Innovation Summit on November 8, 2022, and win $250K.

Want to bring Pocketnest financial wellness to your community? Book 15 minutes with us!

We're a Google-accelerated financial wellness app that coaches users through 10 themes of financial wellness. The platform helps users identify and fill gaps in their plans, while identifying cross-sell opportunities for the financial institutions they license to like banks, credit unions, investment advisors, 401k plan sponsors; and employee wellness programs. Launched in 2019, our fintech has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative startups.


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