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What does Our “Partnership” Really Mean?

Updated: Jan 4

We’re in the business of helping increase financial literacy, and that begins with our partners

Our mission is to bring financial wellness to all.

Because we believe everyone deserves a comprehensive financial plan. And the resources to put that plan together. 

That’s why we partner with you, financial institutions. Why? Because it brings your customers more value and brings you more valuable insights about your customers. Using this data, you can determine how best to serve them and which of your offerings fits them best. Win-win, right?!

The user’s experience, in a nutshell.

We guide users through all 10 themes of financial planning, gathering actionable data along the way. Jessica Willis, CFP and CPWA with more than 20 years’ experience in financial planning, narrowed down the most important areas of financial planning to consider. As we guide users through the 10 themes, we get to know them. Very well. Through step-by-step questions, we learn about their spending habits, budgets, estate details, taxes, college savings plans, and more. 

From 529s to 401(k)s, we help your clients identify where their financial plans have holes, determine actionable next steps customized to their financial situation, and ultimately, help them realize when they need your help.  

We are trusted partners to your clients and to you. 

Our platform is 100% secure with 256-bit encryption and bank-level security. All data transmissions are securely encrypted. We never store users’ financial institution’s login credentials and cannot access financial transaction history, such as any money movement, peer to peer transfers, trades, wires, debits, credit, etc. Pocketnest only stores data crucial to users’ financial wellness journey—with explicit user permission. Securely stored in partnership with one of the largest data aggregators, Plaid, this data enables Pocketnest to provide users a highly interactive and productive app experience that delivers personalized education and recommendations to grow their financial wellness. By consenting to this, users acknowledge and agree that their data may be used to optimize the functionality and customization of the Pocketnest platform

Your experience, in a nutshell: 

First, we provide you with priceless and uber-efficient customer insights and financial solution opportunities.

Think of your customers, Kate and Ryan, married for 6 years with one baby and another on the way. They think they have everything figured out, less a few pieces like an estate plan nailed down. Pocketnest will show Kate and Ryan they’re doing great with their 401(k) plans and investments. But it will also flag their life insurance policy, reminding them that they need to finalize it to reach complete financial wellness. 

By linking all of their financial accounts with your uniquely white-labeled version of Pocketnest, and as we learn about their family dynamics, and more, we can also determine an estimate of how much life insurance Kate and Ryan need, what is the best state for their 529 college savings plan, in what order they should pay off their debt, and what income tax planning strategies are relevant for them. These insights are fed directly to you, their financial institution, in real time. You can access their dashboard and view all of their data, right at your fingertips. 

So, the next time you meet with Kate and Ryan, or they call you out of the blue, you quickly know their specific needs and which of your solutions are right for them. No extra legwork on your end. Beyond saving you time, we’re strengthening your relationship (and value-add!) with your clients. 

Next, we will bring you more customers on a silver platter.

You, no doubt, want more customers. But how do you acquire them without spending (too many) precious billable hours? Well, that’s where we come in...again. Pocketnest isn’t only available to your customers. In fact, it’s both available and marketed to people nationwide. So, when we direct a user through our financial wellness plan, we’re helping them identify gaps and guiding them to find the right partners who can help them. Here, we’re finding key opportunities for them to strengthen their financial plan and for you to  build your pipeline. Again, win-win. Noticing a trend, here? 

Our value prop is this: Pocketnest can help you nurture your prospects without expending precious billable hours, grow your client capacity, and help you provide better customer experience. We will work with you side-by-side to better understand, nurture and serve your clients and prospective customers, while helping you grow.

So, are you in? Give us a shout.


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