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Credit Union Digital Strategy Live Panel

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Watch credit union experts as they discuss how to optimize digital strategy and use fintech to boost non-interest income

How to optimize your digital strategy - watch now

Trying to figure out how to craft your new digital strategy? Need help boosting your non-interest income? Watch our FREE panel.

As millennials' digital experience expectations continued to rise, financial institutions from credit unions to wealth management firms were plotting and planning to reveal the next generation of banking. They knew it would take years, so they set expectations, timelines and budgets accordingly.

Then COVID-19 struck.

In the face of the economy taking unexpected twists and turns and dives, credit unions, banks and other financial institutions nationwide have dramatically stepped up their digital strategy game.

Your financial institution’s digital strategy is how you integrate your digital assets with your members’ and customers’ experience with your financial institution. Essentially, it's finding how all of your digital services can work together, in unison, to bring your members and customers financial wellness.

Join cutting edge credit union experts as they discuss the future of banking. Covering everything from digital strategy to millennial expectations, join the conversation as experts explore how fintech is disrupting the credit union experience and bringing non-interest income in its wake.

Have questions? Want us to host another live panel with credit union experts and digital strategists? Let us know!

  • Dig deeper into how the pandemic has fueled the digital strategy fire, from the perspective of digital strategists and financial institution leaders alike

  • Learn how fintech is driving non-interest income, and how your credit union can harness the power fintech

  • Reach and engage more millennial and gen X members by using fintech and a smart digital strategy

  • Experience creative conversation about digital strategy, fintech adoption, millennial expectations, and more!

Panel participants

Charley McQueen, Panel Host

  • Owner, McQueen Financial Advisors

  • 30+ years of experience in the financial industry + wealth management

Jessica Willis, Panelist

  • CEO and founder of Pocketnest financial wellness platform

  • 20+ years of experience in the financial industry + wealth management

Jennifer Hurren, Panelist

  • Vice President, eCommerce, Community Choice Credit Union

  • Credit union expert with 20 years in the industry

Ben Maxim, Panelist

  • VP Digital Strategy & Innovation, MSU Federal Credit Union

  • CTO of both Reseda Group and Spave

Lori McColl, Panelist

  • Founder, WHIM

  • Expert in all things mobile, web, and emerging cloud-based applications

After you craft your digital strategy

After you craft your digital strategy, watch our next panel to learn tips of the trade from credit union experts about how to implement and execute your strategy.

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