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Credit Union Digital Transformation Live Panel

Watch our panel to hear credit union experts discuss how to implement a digital transformation

Implementing your digital transformation - watch now!

Trying to implement your new digital strategy? Need help boosting non-interest income? Watch our live panel with credit union leaders and experts!

The past several years (ahem, 2020) expedited some already-brewing changes in the banking landscape, and as the next generation of consumers demand more digital solutions, financial institutions are scrambling to keep up.

Previously, we hosted a panel with cutting edge credit union experts who discussed the future of banking. They covered everything from digital strategy to millennial expectations, and explored how fintech is disrupting the credit union experience and bringing non-interest income in its wake.

(Psst, your financial institution’s digital strategy is how you integrate your digital assets with your members’ and customers’ experience with your financial institution. Essentially, it's finding how all of your digital services can work together, in unison, to bring your members and customers financial wellness.)

The digital strategy panel discussion was so powerful and well-received, we wrangled another group of stellar credit union experts with serious chops in digital transformation for round two!

Join fintech experts and financial industry leaders as they discuss how to implement the future of banking. Hear from fintech founders, credit union leaders, and more as they discuss the tactical, yet strategic ways your institution can stay relevant in the ever-changing digital environment.

Have questions? Want us to host another live panel with credit union experts and digital strategists? Let us know!

  • Dig deeper into the connection between digital experience and revenue, from the perspective of marketing strategists and financial institution leaders alike

  • Learn the key steps to a successful digital transformation, from democratizing data in your credit union to having a seamless launch

  • Reach and engage more millennial and gen X members by using fintech and successfully implementing a sound digital strategy

  • Participate in creative conversation about digital strategy, fintech adoption, millennial expectations, and more!

Panel participants

Sue Britton, Panel Host

  • Co-CEO, FGS

  • ~30 years of experience in the tech industry and ~20 years experience in the finance industry

Jessica Willis, Panelist

  • CEO and founder of Pocketnest financial wellness platform

  • 20+ years of experience in the financial industry + wealth management

Wendy Beswick, Panelist

  • VP Marketing, Service CU

  • Marketing, operations and strategy development leader with ~10 years in the credit union industry

Ami Iceman-Haueter, Panelist

  • AVP of Research and Experience, MSU Federal CU

  • Credit union expert with ~10 years in the branding and advertising industry

Damian Jakubczyk, Panelist

  • VP Digital Innovation, Canvas CU

  • 10+ years of experience in leadership and technology in the financial industry

Tim Woolston, Panelist

  • SVP Marketing, Alaska USA Federal CU

  • 30+ years in the marketing/communications industry, with first-hand experience in implementing a digital transformation at his credit union

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