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Employee Wellness Live Panel

Watch now as employee wellness experts discuss the future of wellness, employee benefits, fintech, and more

The future of employee wellness live panel - watch now!

Curious about the future of employee wellness?

If you're like us, you realize that healthy snacks in the break room and ergonomic seating are the employee benefits of yester-year. And in our post-pandemic world—where people are more concerned about their finances than their mental or physical health—that won't cut it! Your employees are looking for more from you—or they'll go (and work) elsewhere!

Join employee wellness experts and benefit provider leaders as they discuss the future of employee benefits and wellness—and how YOU can be involved in bringing financial wellness to the masses, beginning with your employees.

Exploring everything from boosting employee recruitment and retention to growing revenue, this live panel and Q&A will uncover how fintech is turning the wellness industry on its head and bringing much-needed change. Sponsored by Pocketnest, the financial wellness platform, and moderated by Brent Hines, founder and executive director, Foundation for Financial Wellness, this live (virtual) event will showcase the path to bringing financial wellness to the masses—and all the benefits therein. This event is hosted on the ASE platform, a non-profit, membership organization for HR professionals.

  • Explore how to boost your employee recruitment and retention to grow revenue, regardless of your industry, straight from the mouths of wellness professionals who have seen firsthand how fintech and employee wellness offerings have BIG business impacts

  • Learn how fintech is revolutionizing wellness AND corporate America, and how you can make a difference for your employees

  • Reach and engage more millennial and gen X employees by using the power of fintech

  • Take part in creative conversation and ASK questions LIVE about employee wellness, fintech, financial wellness, and more

Panel participants

Brent Hines, Panel Host

  • Founder and executive director, Foundation for Financial Wellness

  • 20+ years of experience in the financial industry + wealth management

Jessica Willis, CFP®, CPWA®

  • CEO and founder of Pocketnest financial wellness platform

  • 20+ years of experience in the financial industry + wealth management

Kent Allison, CPA

  • Former National Leader, PwC’s Financial Wellness Practice

  • Original author of PwC’s Annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey

Chuck Gillespie

  • CEO, National Wellness Institute

  • 20+ years in wellness industry

  • Certified Wellness Practitioner

  • Friend of Wellness, Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology

Ivy Glover, CCUFC, CDP®

  • Certified Financial Counselor and Diversity Professional

  • 20+ years experience in finance

  • Wright-Patt Credit Union leader

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