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Fintech is Revolutionizing Wellness

Pocketnest's revolutionary tech helps employers boost recruitment, retention and productivity

woman doing yoga, at peace with her money

Healthy foods available in break rooms, ergonomic workstations, appropriate lighting. These are the employee wellness concepts of yester-year. Now, “wellness” means something much more expansive.

Did you know that, in the wake of COVID-19, employees are five times more worried about their finances than they are about their mental, physical or social health1?

That’s right: financial wellness matters. And business ought to start taking note.

On top of $1.71 trillion in student debt spread across 44.7 million borrowers and $971 billion in credit card debt—employees are looking to their employers for help2.

Beyond simply helping their employees become well, it behooves employers to provide comprehensive employee wellness offerings, including financial wellness. Simply put: financially well employees can help their employer thrive. And employers are noticing. A large majority of employers—83 percent—find that offering employees financial wellness tools develops more productive, loyal, satisfied, and engaged employees3.

As if recruitment, retention and productivity weren’t enough, fintech like Pocketnest will help the wellness industry thrive.

Learn the five ways fintech will revolutionize the wellness industry—and how you might make a difference at your place of work. >>> Get the white paper.

Interested in bringing Pocketnest to your community? Request a demo!


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