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KBK Wealth Connection Podcast Features Pocketnest

Updated: May 6, 2022

Jessica Willis + KBK Wealth Connection chat about personal finances and how to access financial wellness with Pocketnest

Jessica Willis chats with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury of KBK Wealth Connection about how people can use Pocketnest to achieve financial wellness.

Who is KBK Wealth Connection

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, founder of KBK Wealth Connection, is a wealth psychology expert, author and coach. She's passionate about empowering women, couples, and financial professionals to break money silence and live richer lives. (Can you tell why we love her?!)

During this episode of the KBK Wealth Connection podcast, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury dives into Jessica Willis' mission when creating the financial wellness platform, Pocketnest.

Spoiler alert: we exist to bring financial wellness to the masses!

Learn more about why Jessica Willis launched Pocketnest, what we love about the platform, and perhaps most importantly, what a wealth psychology expert thinks about Pocketnest.

Interested in bringing Pocketnest to your community? Request a demo!


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