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PODCAST: Building Resiliency & Financial Stability During COVID

Updated: Jun 21

Susan Bailey of Marsh & McLennan interviews Jessica Willis, founder and CEO of Pocketnest

Susan Morgan Bailey recently hosted Jessica Willis on The Growth Collective podcast to discuss how you can build your resiliency and stabilize your financial well-being during COVID-19.

We often tell people that any life-changing event—think: new baby, house, job—constitutes the need for a financial plan check-in. Sadly, on top of the many other horrific realities of COVID-19, the economic effects of this virus count as a life-changing event.

So, now what?

The main piece of advice we can give you: Don't be scared, be prepared.

While this unprecedented moment in history presents many challenges, some of which are life-threatening, your financial plan doesn't have to be one of them. Take a pause and recognize that there are tangible steps you can take to start getting your finances in order.

Learn more in The Growth Collective podcast. Listen now!

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