PODCAST: Building Resiliency & Financial Stability During COVID-19

Updated: 20 minutes ago

Susan Morgan Bailey recently hosted Jessica Willis on The Growth Collective podcast to discuss how you can build your resiliency and stabilize your financial well-being during COVID-19.

We often tell people that any life-changing event—think: new baby, house, job—constitutes the need for a financial plan check-in. Sadly, on top of the many other horrific realities of COVID-19, the economic effects of this virus count as a life-changing event.

So, now what?

The main piece of advice we can give you: Don't be scared, be prepared.

While this unprecedented moment in history presents many challenges, some of which are life-threatening, your financial plan doesn't have to be one of them. Take a pause and recognize that there are tangible steps you can take to start getting your finances in order.

Learn more in The Growth Collective podcast. Listen now!

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