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MassChallenge Fintech Semi-Finalists

Updated: May 6, 2022

Pocketnest financial wellness platform named semi-finalist in elite fintech accelerator program

MassChallenge Fintech Semi-Finalists

This past week, we learned that Pocketnest has been named a semi-finalist in the MassChallenge Fintech accelerator program.

Launched in 2018, MassChallenge FinTech accelerates outcomes-driven partnerships between startups and enterprises to fuel innovation across banking, insurance, asset management, and other financial sectors.

Judged on an assessment of our overall business, presentation skills, strategic fit, and startup stage, Pocketnest made it to the final round of the accelerator program's fintech competition!

During our pitch presentation, we've boasted Pocketnest's biggest feats, including:

  1. The massive problem we're trying to solve—bringing financial wellness to the masses, while helping financial institutions connect more deeply with the next generation of bankers.

  2. How we're solving the problem—coaching users through all 10 themes of financial wellness, while helping financial institutions boost their non-interest income.

  3. How our solution impacts our end users and customers—We're bringing end users financial wellness with custom tips and recommendations. And, we're helping financial institutions generate leads faster, identify cross-sell opportunities and, ultimately, boost their non-interest income.

  4. Why we are the right team to solve it—Our founder and CEO, Jessica Willis, has spent 20+ years in the financial industry and has identified a way to bring cost-effective financial wellness to the masses, while boosting financial institutions' non-interest revenue.

With partners from financial institutions like Fidelity Investments, MassMutual, Citizens Bank, and more, we're delighted to be among such strong startups in the financial wellness and fintech space.

Interested in bringing Pocketnest to your community? Request a demo!


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