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Pocketnest Leads Charge in Fintech Solutions

Celent features Pocketnest in report alongside MX, Mastercard, Array, and more

Introducing Celent and its annual fintech report

Celent, the leading research and advisory firm focused on technology for financial institutions globally, has a steady pulse on all things fintech and personal finance.  The firm published a report to share the latest and greatest personal finance and fintech solutions and featured Pocketnest alongside other top financial brands, including MX, Mastercard, and Array.

Personal Financial Engagement Solutions for Retail Banking

In this year’s report, “Personal Financial Engagement Solutions for Retail Banking,” Celent evaluates 13 global personal finance engagement (PFE) solutions, showing a dynamic shift toward digital banking. This report is crucial for financial institutions aiming to upgrade their tech and meet the more digital expectations of their nextgen customers.

Pocketnest in comparison

Pocketnest makes a debut alongside other financial “greats,” including MX, Mastercard, and Array. The report showcases Pocketnest’s unique approach to personal finances with its innovative tech, appeal to younger audiences, and clear ROI for licensing financial institutions.

Spotlight on Pocketnest

Celent highlights Pocketnest’s many innovative features catering to the nextgen, like its use of behavioral science to drive user engagement and identify cross-sell revenue opportunities for licensing financial institutions. 

Strategic benefits for financial institutions

Pocketnest can help financial institutions like banks, credit unions, wealth advisors and the like drive community engagement, engage the nextgen,  and identify cross-sell revenue opportunities. The platform supports community financial wellness, while also revitalizing their tech and positioning them as an innovative brand that attracts the nextgen

Future directions and recommendations

Celent recommends that financial institutions adopt personal finance and fintech solutions like Pocketnest to stay competitive. The report suggests that financial institutions can leverage such technologies to provide tailored financial advice and services, allowing for more personalized banking experiences.

So why does this report matter? 

Choosing the right personal finance or fintech solution is critical for financial institutions looking to deliver lasting value that resonates with modern consumers. Pocketnest stands out as a leader, as affirmed by Celent, making it an essential tool for financial institutions aiming to redefine their digital engagement strategy.

Read Celenet's full report and see why Pocketnest is a standout among personal finance and fintech solutions.


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