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Pocketnest Participates in SxSW Panel

Updated: May 6, 2022

Pocketnest founder Jessica Willis participates in panel, "Breaking Barriers in Venture Capital"

Bamboo Detroit and Michigan House hosted a SxSW panel about startup fundraising titled, "Breaking Barriers in Venture Capital." The panel featured Jessica Willis, founder of pocketnest; Lisa McLaughlin, founder of Workit Health; Sydney Davis, founder of Tequity; and Dawn Batts of TechTown and Commune Angels.

From Seed Stage to Series B, these founders share their story starting up and raising capital during the ups and downs of an unprecedented year. Whether it's navigating accelerator programs, zoom calls, or virtual hiring and growth, they're sharing their learnings of what it takes to navigate fundraising and forge ahead.

Watch the recording!

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