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Pocketnest Wins Canadian Fintech Summit Pitch Battle

Updated: May 6, 2022

Pocketnest founder, Jessica Willis, wins Canadian Fintech Summit's annual pitch battle competition

Canadian Fintech Summit Selects Pocketnest as Pitch Battle Competition winner

The Canadian Fintech Summit's annual Pitch Battle Competition, hosted March 23, 2021, joined together curated, high quality fintech start-ups from around the world, large international corporations, global investors and financial institutions to network, build relationships and foster partnerships.

Last week, Pocketnest founder and CEO, Jessica Willis, battled against some of the world's best fintech startups. And, she won!

Willis showcased Pocketnest to the CFS audience—chock full of influential groups of investors, financial institutions and decision makers. She competed alongside other start-ups for a chance to win game changing investment prizes. Previous participants received over $10M in investments.

Pocketnest was judged—and won—according to the following criteria:

  1. Market Opportunity: Is the company addressing a large market problem?

  2. Team: Capability to execute? Charisma? Passion?

  3. Technology: Is the technology unique, novel and defensible?

  4. Revenue Potential: Is the company showing strong growth, traction or product-market fit? Does the company have a repeatable and scalable sales process?

  5. Capital Efficiency: Does the company have strong unit economics? Can they leverage capital efficiency?

  6. Data Security & Privacy: Does the company have a strong approach to data security and privacy? Can the solution be nimble or adaptive if required?

We're sure grateful for this opportunity to showcase Pocketnest and have quality exchanges with industry professionals and investors.

Interested in bringing Pocketnest to your community? Request a demo!


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