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Welcome Noah, Sales Development Representative

Updated: Feb 5

Pocketnest adds yet another fintech aficionado to its  business development squad

Put your hands together and welcome Pocketnest’s newest business development representative, Noah Chimpouras, to the fintech fam. As any prospect will soon see, Noah has perfected the ol’ sales blend of passion, experience, and a genuine commitment to building lasting connections.

We scooped Noah from his latest fintech gig with Acrisure, where he exercised his incredible adaptability and drive selling the fintech’s insurance, cybersecurity, and reinsurance services. With three years of fintech sales experience under his belt, Noah’s arsenal of skills includes exceptional conversation skills, resilience, and a knack for connections (we in the biz call it “the gift of gab”—but Noah takes it 10 steps further to not only chat but truly connect with people). 

Under the mentorship of Jin Kim, Business Development Director

Noah will report to Jin Kim, our well-seasoned Business Development Director. In this role, he will:

  • Identify potential customers and generate new business opportunities

  • Contact and qualify potential customers to ensure a seamless match between their needs and our solutions

  • Manage leads through the sales pipeline, setting appointments, following up on leads, and tracking progress toward meeting sales goals

When Noah isn’t closing deals, you’ll catch this hockey and football fanatic yelling at the TV—err, “rooting”—for the Detroit Red Wings and Lions or indulging in diverse culinary experiences with friends, family, and his girlfriend.

Give a warm and hearty welcome to our new pal and sales development representative, Noah!

Welcome aboard, Noah!


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