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Wells Fargo Awards Pocketnest $50K

Fintech pitching to win up to $250k from global bank’s 2022 Innovation Challenge

Fintech pitching to win up to $250k from global bank’s 2022 Innovation Challenge

As a Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. 2022 Innovation Challenge finalist, Pocketnest accepts a $50k check that will directly funnel to the product development budget.

More on that in just a minute because the excitement doesn’t stop there.

Pocketnest CEO and founder Jessica Willis is headed to global bank’s annual Innovation Summit to pitch for a chance to win the entire competition—and the $250k prize.

So where is all this cash going? Product!

Elbow deep in dev sprints, the Pocketnest team is focusing on developing new features and elements that make the user experience of creating and sticking to a financial plan feel like magic. From updates like a revised login page / home screen to more personalized prodding along the user journey, our goal is to make financial wellness more approachable. And, hey, even fun!

Our north star KPIs for all product updates include driving 1) user engagement, 2) enterprise sales, and 3) revenue growth. (See a case study to see the proof in the pudding!)

“We launched our Innovation Challenge to find solutions like Pocketnest that will help make banking easier and safer for our customers and the financial services industry at large,” said Madhu Narasimhan, Wells Fargo’s head of Innovation. “The goal is to collaborate with partners across the fintech ecosystem and leverage one another’s strengths to solve specific customer pain points and push the whole industry forward.”

Pocketnest earned its finalist position in Wells Fargo’s Designing the Multi-X Future: 2022 Innovation Challenge for its promising ability to create a more dynamic environment for Wells Fargo customers. The fintech platform also aligns with the bank’s vision of building more interconnected and approachable banking experiences.

“Partnering with innovative banks like Wells Fargo helps take our mission to an incredible scale, where we can help millions of people achieve financial wellness through more authentic and valuable connections with their financial institution,” said Jessica Willis, CEO and founder, Pocketnest.

Interested in learning more about Pocketnest? Book a demo!


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