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Michigan’s Female Founder to Know

Purpose Jobs features Pocketnest Founder and CEO, Jessica Willis, as a top female founder to know

Jessica Willis: Michigan's Female Founder to Know

In the predominantly male-dominated financial industry, Jessica Willis sure stands out—and it’s not just because she’s a woman. Jessica Willis, CEO and founder of Pocketnest has an unquenchable thirst for innovation and a determination to make financial wellness accessible to the masses

And so? Willis created Pocketnest as an approachable financial wellness tool, built by and for the next generation. Based on behavioral science and psychology and the CFP curricula, Pocketnest coaches users through 10 themes of financial wellness. Its gamified, almost-addictive approach draws users into the app to keep their financial plan up to date in three minutes a week. Simply put, Pocketnest addresses true comprehensive financial planning—all the topics that keep us up at night beyond budgets and investments—bypassing the industry jargon and traditional wealth minimums.

In addition to creating a show-stopping product at a top startup, Willis also fosters a culture of inclusivity and innovation at Pocketnest, where she inspires her team to learn, grow, pivot, fail, and learn some more. Her leadership earned her a spot in the Female Founder To Know and Best Work-Life Balance lists, among others. Willis’ Google- and IBM-accelerated fintech, Pocketnest, earned finalist status in the Wells Fargo Innovation Challenge and has been featured in Forbes, as well as FastCo’s Innovation by Design Award alongside finance kings Capital One and Visa. 

With her leadership, innovation, drive, and integrity, Willis is a standout in the finance industry—and beyond. 


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