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Pocketnest Named Best Company for Work-Life Balance

Purpose Jobs names the financial wellness company a top place to work for its top-notch employee wellness

SURPRISE! We're kind of really into employee wellness. Just ask some of our newest recruits!

Purpose Jobs, the Midwest’s largest startup and tech community, names Pocketnest a top company with killer work-life balance. If anyone should know the importance of employee wellness, it's us!

Linkedin's latest Global Talent Trends reports work-life balance is the second most crucial factor motivating candidates to accept a new job. And we're not surprised. Because culture matters.

What is employee wellness

Healthy foods available in break rooms, ergonomic workstations, appropriate lighting. These are the employee wellness concepts of yester-year. Five years later, “wellness” means something much more expansive.

The term “employee benefits” is slowly being replaced by “employee wellness,” to communicate to employees that their employers care about their well-being. Labeling packages that feature everything from retirement savings plans and subsidized life insurance to health insurance and gym memberships as

“employee wellness” better represents the bigger picture: caring for the employee’s whole person.

What's missing from employee benefits

Employee wellness programs almost always include some sort of financial component, typically a retirement savings plan like a 401K or a 403B. But why not more? If finances make up one-fifth of the employee’s whole self, supporting the employee must include more financial guidance.

We believe employee financial wellness drives overall employee wellness.

That’s exactly why we developed our employee financial wellness platform—made just for employers like you. We license our software to employee wellness programs to help employers boost recruitment, productivity, and retention.

Built on behavioral science and psychology, Pocketnest coaches users through 10 themes of financial wellness. Its gamified, almost-addictive approach draws your employees into the app to keep their financial plan up to date—in three minutes a week. Simply put, Pocketnest addresses true comprehensive financial planning—all the topics that keep us up at night beyond just budgets and investments.

Thanks to Purpose Jobs

We think our pals at Purpose Jobs are pretty awesome. And, we're pretty humbled by their high opinion of Pocketnest. They've named us a Top Startup for 2023 and a Top Fintech. We're proud of the team and platform we've built—and continue to build! We can't wait to see what else is in store for us in 2023...and beyond!

Check out the full list here.

About Purpose Jobs

Purpose Jobs is the Midwest’s largest startup and tech community. It connects top talent with purpose-driven companies based on values, experience, and cultural contribution. Purpose Jobs creates a human-first approach to job matching where employers can access interview-ready candidates. Its placement algorithm and curation team match the right candidates to the right startups.


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