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Pocketnest Nabs AI/Fintech Sales Pro, Michael Dery

Dery's deep fintech, AI, biz dev, and sales experience set to drive Pocketnest growth

Pocketnest snags one of the industry's top fintech and AI sales pros, Michael Dery, from the leading global data science consultancy, RXA @ OneMagnify, to lead Pocketnest's business growth.

Meet Michael Dery 

Dery comes with mega fintech start-up chops, having helped a number of them grow their businesses—and helped lead one to exit. Throughout his nearly decade-long career, he's worked with some of the world's largest financial institutions and has served hundreds of clients across industries and verticals. His strong passion for data and tech makes him the perfect fit to lead Pocketnest sales.

Paving the Way for Growth

Joining Pocketnest as the Executive Vice President of Sales, Dery will drive the fintech's sales, forge growth with some of the nation's biggest financial institutions, and position Pocketnest as a top financial wellness solution. The timing couldn't be better, too, given the fintech's trajectory to serious growth, including its latest (and soon-to-launch!) AI product upgrade.

With sturdy roots in fintech sales, experience implementing proven business strategies, and a deep understanding of AI and tech, Dery will help Pocketnest eclipse its explosive growth in 2023.

Poised for the Next Chapter

Pocketnest tallies substantial growth since its last capital raise in 2023, most recently doubling its team size. But we didn’t cap our growth there, so let us brag for a quick sec. 

Since 2023, Pocketnest earned: 

  • +130% increase in users 

  • +300% increase in user engagement 

  • +600% increase in total contract value 

  • +100% increase in product offerings and add-ons

  • +100% increase in team size 

We're just about halfway through 2024, and we have yet to let off the gas pedal. Following our feature in The Fast Company Innovation by Design Award, Pocketnest continues to woo prospective users, clients, and investors alike.

Stay tuned, as the next couple of months will bring fuel-injected growth.


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