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Pocketnest + Your Bank = Better CRA Ratings

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Partner with Pocketnest to increase your bank’s CRA ratings

CRA Community Reinvestment Act logo

As financial literacy continues to decrease within the millennial population, we know you’re seeking new solutions to bridge this gap. Not only to better serve your customers, but also, to improve the local communities you serve. After all, better financial literacy is good for everyone!

Great news: we created Pocketnest, the digital and free comprehensive financial planning app, with CRA in mind. 

Pocketnest is a community development service that equally serves financial institutions—just like you—and your consumers. And, better yet, we’ll help you meet CRA considerations of being an organization that provides financial services education programs to low-and moderate income individuals.

We provide users with free, approachable and user-friendly guidance to create and stick to a financial plan; meanwhile, the app serves as a scalable financial literacy program that you can white label and offer local communities as community development. 

Are you intrigued yet? Great! 

Graduate students at the University of Michigan completed a four-month study of the CRA code, it’s application, and interviewed key stakeholders including bankers and CRA experts. We developed this research through the First Customer Program (FCP) and were funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). 

Great news! The Pocketnest app is now available! Download Pocketnest and get your finances in order—in just 10 minutes a month! No jargony finance-speak, pricey fees or in-person meetings required.


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