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Pocketnest™ Scoops Top Technical Talent

Updated: May 6, 2022

Chris Wascha joins the team as chief technology officer, from Gas Station TV (GSTV)

Chris Wascha, Pocketnest chief technology officer

ANN ARBOR, MICH.—Pocketnest, Inc.™, the company offering the only free, comprehensive financial planning platform, today announces Chris Wascha as the fintech statup’s first chief technology officer. As CTO, Wascha will oversee all technical aspects of the company, from product development to operations. 

“Our team needs a strong technical leader who knows how to be scrappy, but also how to scale—quickly—and Chris is that leader,” said Jessica Willis, founder and CEO, Pocketnest. As Pocketnest continues to grow, our focus is on the product—it working smoothly, consistently adapting to users’ needs, and staying ahead of the market. Chris will lead our team from a small startup to a recognized, trusted household name.”

Wascha joins Pocketnest with more than 20 years of experience leading technology teams to deliver business and brand value, across markets. Wascha earned his tech chops at multiple companies, including his latest nine-year stint with Gas Station TV (GSTV), the startup media agency engaging one third of all Americans at the gas pump, where he served as CTO. AT GSTV, Wascha fueled the growth of his technology team from five people supporting 100 fuel station installations, to a team of 25 supporting more than 22,000 fuel station installations. He helped lead GSTV through a private equity sale and a joint venture with its main competitor. 

“Chris came highly recommended with a long list of accomplishments, but what really grabbed our attention was his character. He’s managed a remote team for 10 years with little turnover. He’s a no-BS kind of person who gets his hands dirty and seeks mission-driven work. In a nutshell, he’s perfect as hell for our company culture, mission and future.”

Prior to GSTV, Wascha spent five years with Borders Group and seven years with Accenture. He has a Bachelor's degree in Decision Science and Information Systems from the University of Kentucky.

Pocketnest is available for download in the Apple App Store and completely free to users. Learn more at

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