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Pocketnest Sits On Detroit Fintech Association Panel

Updated: May 6, 2022

Pocketnest participates in a Detroit panel with other financial executives to discuss Michigan as a fintech hub

Jessica Willis and other panelists on stage at Detroit fintech panel

Jessica Willis, left, founder and CEO at Pocketnest; University of Michigan finance professor Dr. Robert Dittmar; and QCheque President Shoaib Shafquat at a Detroit Fintech Association meetup Wednesday, Nov. 6. Photo by Dustin Blitchok.

When Jessica Willis, founder and CEO of Pocketnest, got the call to sit on a panel with other key financial players at a Detroit Fintech Association event, she jumped at the chance to connect with young Detroiters about financial education and mentorship.

Like Willis, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick has a similar passion for making financial wellness accessible to all.

Raznick developed the Detroit Fintech Academy, a product of the nonprofit trade organization, Detroit Fintech Association, to increase financial education in Detroit's schools. Gathering local financial players—entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and investors—the association and academy have a mission of fostering financial literacy through quarterly networking events, mentorship matchmaking and job fairs.

At the latest Detroit Fintech Association event, Willis joined Dr. Robert Dittmar, a professor of finance at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and faculty co-director of the Ross Fintech Initiative; and Shoaib Shafquat, president of QCheque to discuss how Michigan is a fintech hub.

More than 60 students and fintech community members attended the event, where Willis and her co-panelists discussed financial planning for millennials, the future of cryptocurrency and online bill pay, and more.

The discussion was moderated by Krishnan Kandasamy, co-organizer of the Ann Arbor Fintech Meetup.

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