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Service Credit Union Launches Pocketnest

Credit Union launches customized financial wellness app for its 340K members

Credit Union launches customized financial wellness app for its 340K members

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Service Credit Union has partnered with financial wellness platform Pocketnest to launch a financial wellness app called Fin-Life. Fin-Life is a free, downloadable app that caters to Gen Z, millennial and Gen X audiences. The app uses behavioral science and psychology to help Service CU members achieve financial wellness through easy, actionable and customized to-dos.

Using the Service CU Fin-Life app, members will be able to create and track a customized personal financial plan and receive guidance through ten topic areas to ensure their plans are complete, from setting a budget to planning for the future. The activities take just a few minutes a week and are offered through a friendly, gamified approach, making financial wellness goals more realistic to achieve.

“Improving our members’ financial well-being is crucial to what we do at Service CU, but financial planning shouldn’t be frustrating, confusing or exclusive. Everyone should have access to a complete financial plan and we are proud to provide such access to our members,” said Jaime Yates, Community Relations Manager at Service Credit Union.

Pocketnest was founded in 2019 by CEO Jessica Willis and a group of Gen X and millennial financial wellness experts to deepen the connection between people and their financial institutions to bring them financial wellness.

“Personal finance is ripe for disruption as millennials and Gen Zers crave and expect more innovative, digital experiences from their entire world—including their credit union,” said Jessica Willis, CEO and founder, Pocketnest. “We created Pocketnest to bring financial wellness to the masses, while helping forward-thinking financial institutions like Service Credit Union create more powerful connections with their next-generation audience.”

The Service CU Fin-Life app is separate from Service CU’s banking app, but gives members a completely secure option to integrate their banking information for a more customized experience. Fin-Life is free to download for Apple and Android devices.

About Service Credit Union

A dynamic, member-owned, financial cooperative, Service Credit Union is dedicated to providing a banking experience that improves our members’ lives and the communities in which they live. Established in 1957 to provide affordable credit to the Pease Air Force Base community, and now the largest credit union in New Hampshire, with over $5 billion in assets and 50 branch locations in the New England Region and Germany, we continue to provide a better future to our members all over the world. To learn more about Service Credit Union, please visit

About Pocketnest

Pocketnest, Inc. is a financial wellness platform forging deeper connections between people and their financial institutions to help them achieve financial wellness. Made by and for millennials and Gen-Xers, it brings institutions rich member data and insights to reach younger audiences, serve more people, identify cross-sell opportunities, and promote financial wellness. Pocketnest licenses its software to institutions like banks, credit unions, investment advisors, 401k plan sponsors and employee wellness platforms. Learn more at


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