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Pocketnest Named a Company with the Best Benefits

Updated: May 6, 2022

Purpose Jobs includes Pocketnest fintech startup on its 2022 list of companies with the best employee benefit and wellness programs

Pocketnest named Purpose Jobs Best Benefits Company in 2022

You could say we practice what we preach, huh!?

To be a brand that is revolutionizing the wellness industry, we kind of have to do just that.

We think it only makes sense, provided that we're a company with an employee wellness platform that helps clients like The Henry Ford, Foundation for Financial Wellness, Venture for America, Autobooks—and many more—bring their team better employee benefits.

Why? Because, let's face it: we know full well that "good employee benefits" don't end with retirement savings plans and PTO days. Especially now, given the many effects of COVID-19 in our economy, people are going to their employers for help.

Pocketnest employee wellness includes all the bells and whistles, from phenomenal PTO plans to mental health and wellness days (with no questions asked), to free financial one-on-one conversations with Jessica Willis, the brain behind our entire financial wellness platform. Flexible #WFH schedules to boot, too, by the way.

Beyond each employee benefit that makes a good employee wellness plan, we know that empathy is a core part of doing business. Caring about other people makes sense—and good business sense. People bring their whole selves to work—they're not just there to robotically fulfill their jobs. No, they come with their financial concerns, too. And we believe in caring for the whole person. We want our team—and yours, too, for that matter—to thrive at work, home and life.

When people know their finances are taken care of, they're more productive and happier at work. And, by the way, when your employees are financially well, they're also less likely to jump ship and head to your competitor!

At the end of the day, we exist to bring financial wellness to the masses. And, that starts with our core Pocketnest team.

Have questions about employee wellness? Think your company could benefit from a slice of Pocketnest for Employee Wellness? Holler at us—we want to hear what you think about employee wellness and how we can help make your employee benefits package that much richer—while spreading financial wellness through your organization!

A big shoutout and thank you to the folks at Purpose.Jobs!

Interested in bringing Pocketnest to your community? Request a demo!


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